Abetenim is a small town in Ghana, about 40 kilometers from Ghana's second largest city; Kumasi. It is located in the district of Ejisu-Juaben; In Ashanti Region.

Abetenim means 'Palm tree village', due to the number of palm trees in this region.

It occupies geographically approximately 20 km2 and the majority of the earth is covered by vegetation.

Plano Ghana

The population is 648 people, 315 of them children. 

The families in Abetenim live mainly from the use of the palm tree and plantations of banana, cacao and cassava. 

There is electricity in some points throughout the village and there are two wells where one can draw water for daily tasks: washing, cooking, grooming. There is no sanitation infrastructure and the hygiene services are shared by the community.

Plano Abetenim

Abetenim has a small infrastructure, where you can find kiosks, a bar, a mosque, some churches and a clinic that has been built recently.

In recent years buildings dedicated to education have been built, such as kindergarten and junior high school, where the children are able to attend school inside the village until the age of 15.

Today, a project is being carried out to build an senior high school from the age of 16 to 18, as many of the children are forced to drop out school, for the cost of studying in a neighbouring city.