Madanfo Project develops and promotes projects that promote sustainable development in Ghana’s most vulnerable communities focusing on education.

It seeks to identify projects that can be maintained over time and backed by local people.

In Madanfo project we believe that every child has the right to have a future and we aim to improve their quality of life, giving them an easier access to education. In this way they can choose and decide their own future.

Madanfo project focuses initially on obtaining funds and donations, so children can have everything they need to receive their education. Most of these children have deficiencies that are reflected in their education.

Some children can not go to school simply because:

  • Their families do not have enough money to buy school lunch

  • Their uniforms and footwear are in bad conditions

  • Lack of basic school supplies.

There are also cases in which it's not possible to go to school due to:

  • Poor conditions of infrastructures

  • Lack of maintenance in existing amenities

  • Irregularities caused due to weather

So, another priority of Madanfo is to ensure that the community has safe and suitable infrastructure, appropriate to the tasks and weather conditions.

Madanfo Project suggests different ways of collaboration in order to improve the quality of life for these children. You can collaborate through donations, participating in specific projects that reflect the current need that exists or performing volunteering tasks focused on different topics