Madanfo Projects arises from a ‘hands on’ volunteer trip that Antonella and Lucia made in 2017, in which they participated in the construction of a classroom for the teachers in the small village of Abetenim in Ghana.Within this trip they gained first hand experience and insight into the reality that the children and their families live day by day.

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‘Madanfo' in twi; the local dialect, means 'My friend'. This word reflects the spirit of the organization, that all children have a "friend" that accompany them in an important process, such as education and growth.

Madanfo currently operates in the village of Abetenim where there are 315 children (more than half are in need of help in order to develop their educational process).

At the time Antonella and Lucia lived in Abetenim, they had the opportunity to integrate into the community and visit families in their homes. Thanks to this, in Madanfo we closely follow the personal situation of each child and their families.

In the long term, Madanfo Project seeks to reach other villages, since access to education is a common problem in rural Ghana.

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