About this Event

Madanfo Project and Radefoundation announce a call for entries for the "Timeabu Kindergarten" Architecture Competition. The competition aims to create a place where the youngest children of Timeabu can take classes.

Main Themes

Education, Integration, Sustainability and Efficiency.


Classrooms for preschool education. There are currently more than 100 students attending preschool education classes under a tree. It is necessary the construction of three classrooms in total: Nursery, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2.

Each classroom must be able to accommodate between 35-40 students.

The competition is open to candidates both students of professionals of architecture, design, engineering, or people involved to design or construction projects, from all around the world.


The jury will evaluate all the projects that complies with the regulation.

1st Prize: Select their planification propose for the new classrooms. Construction of the Kindergarten 2 in Timeabu, Ghana.

2nd Prize: Construction of the Kindergarten 1 classroom

3rd Prize: Construction of the Nursery room.

Registrations from 2nd of September.

For more information and to Download the brief from www.madanfoproject.org

How to participate?

- Subscribe and pay the fee in Eventbrite
- You will get a email with your id number and a token
- Download the Brief from www.madanfoproject.org
- Any questions? Write to [email protected] and we will post in the site all the questions and answers
- Submit your proposal in the site with your number id and token


send your questions to [email protected]

Q1: Should the design of the furniture must be taken into account (teacher and students table, storage space..) as a part of the design of the classrooms?

A1: It is necessary to have a sense of the space, so the placement of some furniture will be appreciated.  The furniture does not necessary need to be designed for this specific project, but it could be part of the design of the project as a whole. 


Q2:  In the program it is mentioned that there must be a 4-6 sqm for storage, is this area integrated into the existing buildings or should it be integrated into the new design of the classrooms?

A2: This space must be part of the new design. It could be integrated into the classrooms or be an isolated space. That is part of the strategy of the design.


Q3: Do all the three winner teams get to build their design?

A3: The competition has two main objectives: 

  1. The design of the set-up of the new classrooms
  2. The design of the classrooms. 

The project of the winner team of the First Prize will be chosen for the location and planning of the different classrooms, as well as the design of one of the classrooms. 

Both designs can be slightly changed with the recommendations from the Organization to fit better into the village and it’s context.

The Second and Third Prize will get to build one classroom with their design, that will be adapted in order to achieve the continuity of the architecture and its context.