Total goal to achieve: 2500 euros

Each child needs exercise books in each term of the academic year. Each academic year has three terms, so each child needs three packages of exercise books a year. Each package of notebooks costs 15 cedis (which are approximately 3 euros). With 2500 euros per year it will be possible to help all children to have all the necessary notebooks for their studies.

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Total goal to achieve: 1700 euros

It is very common to see children carry books on their heads or with a rope hanging from their hands, as very few children have backpacks to carry them. With a donation of 30 cedis per child (6 euros) they will be able to have backpacks that will last for more than one academic year.


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Total goal to achieve: 1700 euros

School uniforms last usually between one and two years. The children should wear the uniform every day, but it is especially important to wear it in good condition on the days of celebrations. It is common for uniforms to adjust and inherit from older siblings. Many times the state of the uniforms is not optimal due to the prolonged use.

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Little by little the community has been collecting materials for rebuilding and repairing certain parts of the school (getting old and damaged due to natural wear and tear). In 2017 classrooms from 1 to 6 were improved, but the classrooms in the Kindergarten are in very poor condition. With a small donation it will be possible to fix the flaws and have a place so the children can study and play without any danger.