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Antonella arrived to Abetenim after having obtained a mention along with two other Uruguayan architects in NKA Foundation’s 3rd Architecture Competition (2015) to build a meeting space for the teachers of the Abetenim school. 

Lucia, on the other hand, came to Abetenim as a volunteer for this bioconstruction workshop. From the beginning, they created a bond that has united them until now, and has led them to create Madanfo Project.


‘Madanfo’ in twi; The local dialect, means 'My friend', a word that they heard continuously during their stay in Abetenim. From the first day they arrived in the village, they became very close and connected with the children - from direct consultations, visitations and profiles of the affected families - and decided to get involved in helping the sustainable development of this small community by creating their own NGO specifically aimed at the needs of the school.