Antonella and Lucia are the creators of this idea. They’ve personally taken care of developing this project, collecting the necessary information during their stay in Ghana and then processing all the information to make Madanfo Project come true.

Currently, both are in charge of monitoring the project, managing information and donations and seeking to generate new ways for the project to grow.


Antonella is an Uruguayan architect. She was has worked as an architect and lately she is immersed in a family business of binding. In 2011 she travelled for eight months visiting more than thirty countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. She is passionate about travelling, design, photography, tattoos and enjoy a good book on the beach. 

Lucía is a Spanish architect that have been living in various places and finally settled in Denmark. Especially interested in sustainable construction she is trying to get into this sector. Always ready to help and collaborate, she is focusing her persona and professional interests to achieve this. 

Frank is the local coordinator at Abetenim of Madanfo Project. He is in continuous contact with Lucia and Antonella and is the bridge between Madanfo Project and the children, facilitating the communication and the access to the obtained resources.

Today he is the principal of the school and he is everyday making sure that the children can access an education.

Lucas is in charge of the web and the technical support. He is an engineer student, always motivated to create and participate in new projects.

He likes travelling and getting to know new places and cultures and he enjoys his free time with friends.

Sergio is the one in charge of the administration in Madrid. and help us with all the processes from the distance.

Commited geographer, with a master's degree in project planning for rural development areas and sustainable management. He has experience collaborating with the NGO Aire in Greece helping in the refugee crisis.

Reyes is a regular contributor to our blog and helps us with all communication tasks at Madanfo.

After studying journalism in Madrid and living abroad for a few years, she came back to Spain to specialize in corporate communications and digital marketig, area in which she is currently working. She loves traveling, reading and photography.

Macarena  is a student of Visual Communication Design from Uruguay. She likes taking pictures, plastic arts and is always thinking of new projects.

Pablo is a student of Visual Communication Design from Uruguay who loves drawing, enjoys creating things and is very enthusiastic about new projects.

Fidel is a spanish architect that afterliving for 4 years in Uruguay went back to Spain to finish a Master in Bioclimatic architecture and Environment. Soul of traveler and discoverer of cultures and stories of different places, with passion for vernacular architecture and its traditional construction methods, which now leads him to this world of cooperation and development. A camera and a sketch block are his indispensable companions in his trips.

Cecilia is from Canada